Zarth-Class Tactical Reconnaissance Starfighter
Zarth-Class Tactical Reconnaissance Starfighter
Production information

Private foundries aligned to The Order

Product line:


Combat Speeder Bike


Zarth-Class Tactical Reconnaissance Starfighter

Technical specifications

5.43 meter

Max acceleration:

5,200 G

Max speed (atmosphere):

2,500 km/h(starfighter mode, more speed can be produced with deflector shields activated)

600 to 850 km/h (speeder bike mode}

Engine unit(s):

Aratech Repulsor Company Repulsorlift/Ion Stream Impulse Engine (2, for speeder bike mode)

Kuat Systems Engineering TNL-01A37b High Output Sublight (1, for starfighter mode)

Hyperdrive system:



Unique energy shedding system


Reinforced titanium with durasteel framework

Sensor systems:

High-powered tactical computer


Jamming device


Concealed Medium Repeating Blaster (2, speeder bike mode)

Concealed Homing Rockets Launcher (1, holds ten rockets, starfighter mode)

Micro-Tractor Beam Projector (1, starfighter mode)

Retractable Ion cannon (1, starfighter mode)

Medium Tri Fire-linked Laser Cannons (2, starfighter mode, hidden by twin panels above cockpit)


Pilot (1)

Tactical Computer Droid Brain (1)

Minimum crew:

Pilot (1)

Cargo capacity:

48 kg


2 days

Other systems:

Gyroscopic stabilizer

Directional steering vanes

Air-tight cockpit

Life support


Reconnaissance Starfighter

Tactical Starfighter




Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era

New Republic Era


The Order

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The Zarth-Class Tactical Reconnaissance Starfighter or TRS or even "Taris", is a starfighter utilized by The Order. Custom built by a specific schematics, the starfighter is not supported by any industries other than foundries loyal to the rule of The Order.


This small starfighter-only 5.43 meters long-is one of the few starfighter appreciated by The Order. The cockpit is large enough to contain an average size human.

Unlike a standard starfighter, the craft lie horizontally when in rest and vertically when in flight. The stabilizer wings of the starship is gyroscopic to be horizontal during both flight and at rest. The pilot will be positioned by lying on their backs on landing position and during flying position, the pilot will be standing. Multiple micro-repulsorlifts are to relax muscle tensions the pilot has while standing. Another unusual feature is the two modes available: starfighter and speeder bike mode.

Speederbike ModeEdit

In this mode, the craft will be only able to use its concealed medium repeating blaster.

Starfighter ModeEdit

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