Y-Ray Heavy Orbitfighter
Y-Ray Heavy Orbitfighter
Production information
Product line:

Heavy Airspeeder

Technical specifications
Max acceleration:

1,750 G

Max speed (atmosphere):

970 km/h (higher available with shields activated)

Engine unit(s):

Koensayr R100 ion jet engine (3)

Navigation system:

R2 astromech droid (2)


Laser cannon (4)

Dual ion cannon (2)

Medium turbolaser (1)


Pilot/Gunner (2)


4 days

Other systems:

Maneuvering flap




Rebellion Era

New Republic Era

New Jedi Order Era


The Order

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The Y-Ray heavy orbitfighter is The Order's primary planetary strike craft. Once deployed on high orbit, their powerful repulsorlifts took over and manuver the starship as well as their starfighter counterparts, if not better. These ships are not made by any manufacturer, but created within The Order itself, most parts taken from a single seated BTL Y-wing and other various starships. Powered by the three Koensayr R100 engine models, predecessor to the Y-wing's R200 engines, the ship was not known for speed and even called Double Headed Hutt.

Perhaps the most particular of this starship is the way each cockpit is only hold together to the mainframe in only two points, one to the turbolaser shaft, another to the tip of the wings. The spaces are left open to make the ship a harder target for even the most precise targetting computers, which will take couple of seconds to identify and fire at the ship, which is more than enough time for the ship to destroy the computer.

To help with manuverability, a massive thrust vector rudder is placed directly behind the three sublights. Within the massive rudder are numerous amount of repulsor coils that allow massive lifting force to keep the craft from plummeting. While the ship itself is powerful, the main reason of success it the cooperation of both pilots who also serve as gunner. However when both pilots, who have every control to move airspeeder, took the controls and began to fly the craft, the control signal cancels each other out and put the strain on the engines, and in the extremes, explode. To prevent this, a series of controls must be inserted, once finish, the control of the other cockpit will give a five second warning to lock the navigation system.

Along with two pilots are two astromech droids who are responsible for maintaining the ship. It is not uncommon to hear the droid mutter about how they miss the star streaks of the hyperspace jump during their starfighter career.