From my latest check over I find something very disturbing: Overpowered units. It is not that I have bias over my factions I created, but the fact that the units having seemingly unlimited power is ridicules. Remember, there are other factions in the wiki also, so please show some consideration to them. An example is a sentance taken from the Revannist Police: "Revannist Police are feared by even mercenaries." and "They have become feared among mercenaries and Pirates." is more or less an assault to The Order, as the team composed of Bounty hunters, pirates, smuggulars, mercenaries, and other type of scum. Sure, my Zeta-2 Balista Starfighter is also overpowered, but then did I or did I not make most of the other IME units seemingly destructible? I have no influenced on your choice to listen or not, but I do wish that you do. Thank you. Anakin Skyobiliviator Talk Rankcommander Blog