The Grand Battalion Legion, formally called the Korr'orro'cha, is a deadly force unknown but deadly when encounter forces of rogue Jawas. The Galaxy's awareness of this minute faction is slim to none, but those who survived an attack are forever haunted by a life of agonizing fear.


Approximately 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, a clan of Tatooine-native Jawas decide to leave the planet to discover the new opportunities by scavanging space junk. In the middle of hyperspace, the Navicomputer gone haywire and the ship crashed into realspace into the an unidentified dark planet, which is now Tobborq, the furthest known planet from the galactic core. The planet slowly orbits a dim binary red dwarfs. The Jawas quickly adapted to the strange climates and eventually, over a few hundred of years, they have the essentials for survival. Those that prove to be a disadvantage, like the eyes craving for light, is backed-up by the help of technology. The rodents got smarter, stronger, and stealthier. Soon, with occational ship crashes, they can forage enough materials to rebuilt their ancient ship. Around 70 BBY, the entire clan moved a few system inward to the core. Here, on the asteroid field of a dying star, they have hijacked all military trade equipments for their own needs. Then around 34 BBY, they move again to a permanent base on a small planetary body a system from Raxus Prime.

During their stay, they where encountered by a group of True Mandalorians, who happened to land in on the planet via escape pod. Though proved successful fending off the Jawas at first, the number soon took their toll and they have to exchange their technology and generation-passed training to the Jawas for their lives.

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