In this wiki, we have a Rank system, the more you edit the higher your rank!

  • Rookie: 0-99 Edits
  • Apprentice: 100-199 Edits
  • Private: 200-299 Edits
  • Private First Class: 300-399 Edits
  • Sargent: 400-499 Edits (Admin Recruit starts here 0-299 Edits)
  • Sargent First Class: 500-599 Edits (Admin Recruit 300-599 Edits)
  • Captain: 600-799 Edits (Same)
  • Commander: 800-999 Edits (Same)
  • Moff: 1000-1199 Edits (Same)
  • Lord: 1200-1499 Edits (Same)
  • Grand Moff: 1500- Edits (Same, Founder's rank)

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