The Serax class transport is used by the Revannist Order as a heavy troop transport. It is able to transport 80 troops with their gear, and one Tank underneath it. It can basically transport a garrison of troops to thier designated location.


It almost 50 meters long, and it requires a crew of 8, to fly it, a navigator and a pilot, with 6 gunners to man the 6 laser cannons mounted on it.


The Serax class transport was created in a time of need, during the Avance war, this transport was birthed to bring troops to there assigned locations. Almost 1000 of these were sent in to combat, and only 100 came out. It is still the primary transport of the Revannist Order, but what made it different was the fact that it could carry a tank. The Serax is a sought after craft that can do incredible damage, while carrying 80 soldiers.

Behind the ScenesEdit

It is actually a Sentinel-class Transport.