Revannist Commando
Unit Information



Assault Soldier


Angels of Death


"If it can be killed, consider them dead"





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The Revannist Commando is an danger to anyone who is on their list. They are called on when a enemy of the state is been located, then they are sent to kill them, without mercy and penalty is always death. Their nickname "Angels of Death" suites them because their kill ratio has been for the last 100 years 85% or better. But they are ordered to never return to Revannist territory until the mission is complete.


The Revannist Commando was created to be a counter-terrorism group which is ironic due to the beginnings of the Revannist Order they were branded terrorist. They will locate and eliminate they're enemy and will never return until target is eliminated. They have taken down senators of the Imperialism Monarch Empire while the Senate was still in power. They also have taken down entire terrorist organizations. But their proudest hour was 100 BBY, when they were told of a Terror group was in a Space colony that killed 200 revannist citizens, a squad destroyed the entire space colony that was harboring the terrorist. For that many governments wanted to put the Revannist Order on trial for War Crimes, and geocide of 100,000 people. But no one dared to accuse the Revansi of the crimes when his bodyguards were comprised of 20 Commandos.

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