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20 BBY

Physical Description

Human/wampa genetic hybrid




2.1 meters




Dark brown

Personal Information

The Order



Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):



Chronology & Political Information

Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era

New Republic Era

New Jedi Order Era

Legacy Era

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Raicor, also known as Subject R, a shortened version of Subject Raicor. The name deprived from the two of the multiple deadly species Kaminoan have know to modify: a rancor and the aiwha specimen. Born in the modified cloning lab in Kamino as a part of the Project Havoc of Mustafar research. Subject R turns out to be the first and the only specimen that is success. During the process of getting the young biological hybrid cloned, Subject R escaped and hitched a ride on to the transport. During the trip, the Bothan pilot saw the five years old and decide to stop on Corellia to find the adoptive parents for the mutant child, who looks like a normal human. When the transport left hyperspace, Separatist shot it down, believing it was holding a garrison of clone reinforcements. Minutes before explosion, the pilot shove Raicor down to the escape pod jettisoned it.

Upon landing on the planet, Raicor was founded by a female Jedi exile, who thrives on the planet as a agricultural farmer. Though the boy have little relation to Force-sensitivity, the Twi'lek persisted. Through the training, the boy's body structure rapidly grow, as more and more muscle mass builds. By mid teens, he have the height of a standard human with a well-bodily build. With the years of training with the foster mother, the boy have an ability to dramatically boost his information calculating and processing skills.

Upon digging in their farmland for valuable fruits, the hybrid found a golden Sith artifact. It was the Surru Talisman along with its ability to turn a person into a monster called Tythurr at will. The talisman strapped tightly to his forarm as soon as he grabbed it.

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