The Project Havoc of Mustafar is the high profile experiment conducted by Kaminoans to mix the genetics of a Human with a wampa. The outcome was typically a hideous creature that must immediately killed for the safety of the staffs. After two decades of highly refined research and extreme cellular manipulation, a the Kaminoans scored perfection of a perfect outcome. The subject was given the name Subject Raicor or Subject R, a name that gave honor to two of the many species known deadly by the Kaminoans: aiwha and the rancor. In an attempt to clone Subject R, he escapes out of the stasis tubes into a transport and left Kamino. The project Havoc of Mustafar continues until it was shut down permanently by the new Galactic Empire stromtroopers. What remains of the project is left unknown, as all history was requested by the Emperor to be terminated.