Sector Kuat currently has a growing population of over 1.2 Billion inhabitants.

There are two known systems within the sector.

Kuat system and Cirius are known through out the galaxy. Kuat is home to Kuat Drive Yards and is famous for its numerous shipyards, used to build powerful warships for the Galactic Empire. The yards circle the planet for thousands of kilometers. Cirius system is one of the finest spots to relax and do business in the whole Core.

Kuat system, located near the great Galactic crossroads of the Coruscant and Corellian sectors, is one of the most frequented systems in the Galaxy. It is home of more than a billion people, as well as Kuat Drive Yards, the owners of the numerous shipyards that produce vast numbers of ships ranging from small fighters to colossal Star Destroyers.

Kuat’s only sun maintains the circular orbit of the planets within the system, most of which are near the system's outskirts and therefore have a cold climate.

The exception is planet Kuat whose closer proximity to its star gives it a temperate climate. Kuat is a tropical warm planet filled with lush forests and jungles and marvelous tropical lagoons, while numerous beautiful white cities are often near the vast ocean.

Even though all six planets in the system are inhabited, cities of the planet Gortis are maintained by an artificially created climate due to the planet’s lack of an atmospheric layer. This artificial climate is maintained by several meteorological facilities found at strategic locations across the planet. These facilities are also researching possibilities for creating a stable atmospheric layer, which would help the planet bloom with life and give its citizens a chance to walk outside the cities without safety suits.

Planet of Kuat is the home world of the Kuati, a human culture known for their skilful talents in ship building and engineering. There is a common saying: "If you ever need a mechanic, employ a Kuati." Of course, this is not always true, and Kuatis, besides generally being good engineers, are very social and friendly people who make great diplomats, traders, and even soldiers. Visitors need a specific permit to be allowed to land in Kuat on penalty of death.

With nearly 700 million citizens, Daver Kuat is home to almost 95% of the system’s total population, making it by far the most densely populated world in the system. The planet has a frigid climate, covered by boreal forests and cold oceans; the planet remains cold because of the massive volcanic produced ashes that often reduce light level from the sun. This high population also makes it the centre for space traffic in the system and is protected by two massive Golan II battle stations.

In Kuat system, the Imperial Navy main stellar base is the "Imperial Transfer Post", a ring of powerful space bases where the local fleet has its HQ and where the Imperial space controllers guide the traffic in and out of the system while simultaneously performing inspections of the ships and all other investigations which may be needed in the open space of Kuat, all in accordance with Imperial law. As the major naval galactic base, the interdicted space surrounding the imperial Transfer Post is the haven of hundred of capital ships and thousand of fighters.

Many Imperial Shipyards are orbiting Kuat, Daver Kuat and Goravas. These facilities are strictly off limits to non authorized persons. These massive yards produced during the last years some of the largest and strongest warships the galaxy has ever seen, including the first Super-class Star Destroyer.

The system hosts a large number of impressive trading stations, even if access to those is restricted due to the tight security in the space lanes of Kuat. Most travelers in transit visit the impressive passager port while merchandises are stocked in the massive freight port.

A small luxury station called Eternal Love can be found in orbit near Kuat itself. This place is owned by an unknown noble who is rumored to organize splendid parties in the luxury quarters of the station.

Cirius system contains 4 planets. The system is known to be the main medical production centre in the Galactic Empire, with no less than three massive orbital factories orbiting the main worlds. Several security and defense stations protect the production centers.

Planet Caamas is a formerly highly populated and marsh-covered world in the Cirius system. It is notable for the devastation it suffered during a terrorist orbital bombardment which destroyed its ecosystem and nearly wiped out the native Caamasi during the Clone Wars.

Imperial construction teams have managed to remove pollution and rubble from a large part of the surface and even managed recently to reintroduce a new ecosystem in the eastern part of the planet.

Lis is a small hostile hot planet covered with volcanic mountains and strange exotic jungle. The planet atmosphere is toxic and many large predators prowl the wild. The Church of Reansucru main shrine city is located on the equatorial ring while the majority of the population lives in Erebesk, a big complex in the colder jungle of the northern east.

Caamor is a cold, barren atmosphere less planet known for its mining activities and rumoured to host several massive Derlarc flying creatures.

The last planet, Sirilla is a massive gas giant. The planet population works in massive imperial industrial complexes that are so heavily defended that pirates are rumoured to avoid the vicinity at all cost. A massive recycling station orbits the planet, a graveyards for old imperial warships at the end of their active lives and a way to allow their raw materials to be used again by the Empire.