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Technical Information

Czerka Corporation

Date of Creation:

3,893 BBY, Discovered in 22 BBY

Droid Class:

Class Four

Droid Function:

Assassin Droid

Programmed Gender:



1.8 meters

Chassis Color:


Photoreceptor/Sensor Color:



TranLang III Communicator Module

Unit Information

Anakin Skyobiliviator


Unidentified Heavy Blaster Rifle

SL-99 PrecisionShot Pistol

Chronology & Political Information

Old Republic

Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era

New Republic Era

New Jedi Order Era

Legacy Era


The Order

Known masters:

Zark Nell

Anakin Skyobiliviator

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"Hello, Human. My designation is HK-329 of the Czerka Corporation. Permission to ask current timeframe? I truly do not beleve you are with the Sith Empire as you have not blast me yet. Where is Master Zark Nell?" -HK-329 upon being activated by Anakin Skyobiliviator.

HK-329 is a HK unit utilized by Anakin Skyobiliviator. The droid was created by Czerka Corporation on 3,893 BBY.


Weaponry Edit

Unidentified Blaster RifleEdit

The blaster used by HK-329 is can not be identified by any source, which is beleved the the droid built it himself. It have been seen that the rifle have an ability to give a volley of fire with the rate of thirty shots per second. The weapon is able to be loaded with any kind of ammunition, from blaster gas to projectiles. With a twist of a knob, the rifle can be converted to a high precison sniper.

Below the barrel is an energy grenade launcher that shoot lobs of highly charged ball of pyro-electric plasma energy. Upon contact with an organic matter, it will cause a highly agonizing burn. If contacted on a solid surface, the blast radius will be equivalent to that of the Class-A Thermal Detonator. An impact on droids or electric devices will result an massive overload in system, or in the case of armors, turn all systems offline-and if in the extremes-the systems will explode. Any contact with conductive surface including water, the energy will collapse on itself, causing deadly shockwaves.

SL-99 PrecisionShot PistolEdit

HK-329 is also uses dual SL-99 pistol stolen from the two Imperialism Monarch Empire's EspionageDeltas he killed. The droid weld the pistols as well as any Jedi use their lightsaber in combat, deadly but yet effecient.

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