This wiki requires people to edit their pictures to be uploaded without trouble. The userbox indecates how advance is the user's ability to edit pictures. There are four levels.

Not a Picture EditorEdit

Don't have a userbox.

This is for users that depend on other users to make their pictures for them in the image request forum.

Training Picture EditorEdit

This User is a Training Picture Editor

{{Pic Editor|Training}}

This user is still learning to edit pictures effectively by tutorials by other user of him/herself.

Simple Picture EditorEdit

This User is a Simple Picture Editor

{{Pic Editor|Simple}}

This user has the skill enough to just add logo to items or switch objects within an image, quite standard.

Moderate Picture EditorEdit

This User is a Moderate Picture Editor

{{Pic Editor|Moderate}}

This user has a bit more respect over Simple Picture Editor with an ability to blend the colors and recolor objects to match.

Hard Picture EditorEdit

This User is a Hard Picture Editor

{{Pic Editor|Hard}}

This user can do all of above and make custom parts to fit in the objects to make them look attractive and has a good art sense.

Complex Picture EditorEdit

This User is a Complex Picture Editor

{{Pic Editor|Complex}}

This user is the top rank of the Picture Editors, he can make complex image edits and make the custom parts look realistic. Often they can be found working in the image request forum