Dominion-Class Star Destroyer
Dominion-Class Star Destroyer
Production information

Kuat Drive Yards

Product line:

Star Destroyer


Dominion-Class Star Destroyer


around 63 million credits

Technical specifications

1,137 meters


548 meters


268 meters

Max acceleration:

3,100 G

Max speed (atmosphere):

1,090 km/h

Engine unit(s):

Primary drive engines (4 aft-mounted; 2 port, 2 starboard)

Secondary drive engines (2 aft-mounted; 1 port, 1 starboard)

Tertiary drive engines (2 aft-mounted; 1 port, 1 starboard)

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 1


High Range Recognition Scanner

High intensity jamming device

Power absorbent shield


DBY-827 heavy dual turbolaser turrets (8)

Medium dual turbolaser cannons (4)

Turbolaser cannons (50)

Point-defense laser cannons (52)

Tractor beam projectors (6)

Heavy proton torpedo tubes (4,16 torpedoes each)

Orbital Strike cannon (18)

Particle Turret (50)

Composite-Beam laser cannons (200)

Chain-linked blaster cannon (28)

Quad laser cannos (50)


Delidarr Starfighter (100)

Incom QDC-84 SureFire Starfighter (40)




19,500 troop


2 years



Starfighter Carrier

Ground Support

Troop Carrier

Military Transport

Command Ship


Communication Station


Starfighter Support


Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era


Republic Alliance of Regions

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The Dominion-Class Star Destroyer is a ship created by Kuat Drive Yards that shared its look with the Venator-Class Star Destroyer. In fact, it almost is the Venator itself, with an exception that distinguishes this ship from its counterpart: multiple blastdoors on every single hallway and every vital equipments-such as the bridge, shield generators, and things related to it-get enhanced. Instead of a single large main reactor core down the centerline of the ship, the reactor splits into an upside down "Y" shape into each side of the ship. With the help of blastdoors closing on every breach, the ship can be blown three fourth of the way and still fly home with half efficiency.

To survive the brutal onslaught given by the enemy, the ship has double the amounts of escape pods and a secondary life support. In the case of the ventral hangar and the dorsal flight deck being destroyed, which was the problem with the Venators, the Dominion have secondary hangars come to play. Instead of the standard port and starboard docking ports available on the Venator, the Dominion's secondary hangars took its place.

The standard twin bridges and on a Venator was just a decoy in the Dominion. In its place was actually an highly sophisticated sensor array that have enough power in its sensor sweeps that it can penetrate even the most advance jammers. If these "bridges" are destroyed, the secondary sensors within the primary spaceframe kicks in with nearly three fourth of the power of the primary. The actual bridge is held in the aft of the ship between the split of the reactor. The sides of the bridge was protected from the reactor in the case of it has a breach by over seven meter thick of solid durasteel.