BlackHole HexdentB-Class Grand Galactic Dreadnought
Production information

Sector 17 Kuat Military Industries


BlackHole Grand Galactic Dreadnought




4,929,990,000 Credits

Technical specifications

25.32 km

Max acceleration:

2,132 G

Engine unit(s):

KDY Coruscant-Class Quad Ionic Sublight(11)

RuusanTech Heron-Class BurstJet Model 22 Secondary Sublights (8)

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 8

Class 15 (back-up)

Hyperdrive system:

KMI/Subpro Corporation Beta-Class Linear Hyperdrive Unit


PRAXXt-Hull Lined Shield Generator


Molecular Bonded Durasteel/Mandalorian Iron

Navigation system:

JT88>>Intellect-Class Navicomputer


JRL-V59 Gravity Well Projector

Aratech Illusion Projector


Interchangeable Weaponry Mounts (100<)

Turbolasers (10,000)

Ordnance Launchers (100<)

Proton Bomb Drop Bay (200 with over 1,000 bombs each)

Orbital Strike Cannons (700)

Point-Defense Turrets (3,000)

Heavy Turbolaser Turrets (12,000)

Ion cannon (300)

Laser turrets (unknown)

Ion torpedoes launcher (900)

Flash Cannons (2,000)

SNIPER long range turbolaser systems (1,000)

Auto-turrets {8,000, fire linked in groups of twenty)

Quad laser turret (1,000)

Quad turbolaser turrets (700)

Hex-firing blaster turret (300)

Heavy Repeater turret (2,000)


Ordnanceii-Class War Droid (3,000)

Shuttle (1,000)

Transports (1,900)

Heavy Annihilator Unit (11,400)

Reconnaissance Orbital Station (100)

Planetary Strike Orbital Station (500)





Cargo capacity:



50 years

Other systems:

KMI TRUv2 Tractor Beam Projector (20)



Command Ship




Old Republic Era


Imperialism Monarch Empire

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BlackHole HexdentB-Class Grand Galactic Dreadnought also know as Black Hole, Hexdent, the GG Dreadnought, GGD, or even Galactic Destroyer is the largest battleship structure in the Imperialism Monarch Empire's Navy and, not surprisingly, the Galaxy have ever seen.


Holding eleven main sublights and eight secondary, it is nevertheless one of the fastest, to the enemy's surprise. Armed with more than hundred weaponary banks and ordnance launchers and many others including proton bomb drop bay and orbital strike cannons that covered the lower hull of the craft, it is also well equipped for planetary assault. But it's best know weapon is the Flash Cannon, which gives off a blinding burst of light that will stun beings even from the system of four Stars.

The ship's 25.32 kilometers superstructure even surpasses the future Imperial Empire's nineteen kilometer giant, the Super Star Destroyer. Its lined shield generators make it impossible to get to the critical points of the ship without destroying the durasteel/madalorian iron hull. But this is not able to happen since the shield is literally two meters above the hull, tightly rising and lowering according to the grooves and protrusion on the hull.

Another advantage is actually a flaw, as the power core often surges at any point of time, giving the ship unpredictable speed and damaging hits when least expected when power rose by over 490%. Deep within the ship is a meditation pyramid for Commander Karntara. The chamber holding the pyramid is an escape shuttle. In any event that the ship is critically damaged, the floors of twenty meter thick durasteel plates acts like a break-off panel, and jettisoned into space, the shuttle then plunges downward, lower its S-foil attack wing that was followed by primary fin. The quad sublights then ignited and blast the commander to safety.

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