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Battle of Orthoa IV
Date: 18 GCW
Location: Orthoa IV
Location: Plains of Arthr
Outcome: Revannist Defeat

Revannist Order

Imperialism Monarch Empire


Commander Erex


  • 15 Platoons of Revannist Soldiers
  • 10 Revannist Hover Tanks
  • 50 Imperialims HavocTroopers
  • 15 Revannist Troopers
  • 10 Revannist Hovertanks
  • 10 Imperialism Monarch HavocTrooper Platoons
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This is one of the many battles that the Revannist Order has fought with the Imperialism Monarch Empire. However the Revannist Order was outnumbered and outmatched with HavocTroopers missile launchers. The Revannist Order fought till the last man, a trait all Revannist Soldiers have.


The Revannist Order was trying to capture Orthoa IV after intelligence and recon clearly stated that a Revannist General was held and being detained. They went to go and rescue the general but when the intelligence was proven wrong the Revannist Soldiers have already assaulted the stronghold, leaving no chance to survive they fought till every soldier was killed in action, and they were martyred by the Revannist Order. The Legendary commander Erex died also in combat and his unit was disbanded after the tragic death, leaving Revannist Planets in mourning for 6 days.