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Glithnos System
Battle of Glithnos System
Conflict: Pirate capture of Glithnos System
Objective: Destroy all Golan II platforms

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Revannist Order



15 Revansi class Frigate

  • 10 V-Wing Squadrons
  • 20Interceptor IV Frigate
  • 20 Ixiyen IV Heavy Fighter squadrons

12 Revansi class Frigates

  • 5 V-Wing Squadrons
  • 20 Interceptor IV Frigates
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The Battle of Glithnos System was an attack on the pirate controlled system. The Revannist Fleet assaulted the pirate stronghold and destroyed the Pirate controlled Golan II Platforms.


When the Revannist Order attacked the system they were heavily outnumbered, and not aquainted with they system, even though they had a layout of it. They went into the system and assaulted the Pirate Golan II Platform Omega, and the Pirate Fleet Fel attacked and was destroyed however they still needed to destroy Golan II Platform Ceti, and Fenix.

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