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Battle of Evera
Conflict: dispute over Evera's capitalhood
Objective: Capture Evera from rebels
Date: 1200 BBY
Location: Evera, Taiidan
Location: I28:14:00

Revannist Order, Evera Militia

Outcome: Victory

Revannist Order

Evera Militia


Commander Vay

Captain Tanaka

  • Evera Militia Brigade
    • 100 Militia Soldiers



[ Source ]
The Battle of Evera was fought over a dispute wether Evera Should be the capital of the Revannist Order. The Evera Militia fought for it not to be, because they did not want to be part of the the Order.


The Militia fought valiantly even though they knew certain defeat. They were the last members of the Militia which was the Evera Policing Force. The militia held out for almost 2 days before they surrendered and out of ammo. The Revannist Order executed the remaining 30 members to make a point of never fight back. The Militia was disbanded after the capture of Evera, however civilians grabbed whatever weapon they could and assaulted the Revannist Legion. They were not considered casualties because they were not military.

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