Previous: Battle of Orthao IV
Battle of Orthoa IV
Conflict: Taking of Cardan IV space station
Objective: To Avenge the fallen 15 Revannist Soldier Platoons
Date: 18 BBY
Location: In orbit of Orthoa IV
Outcome: Revannist Victory

Revannist Order

Imperialism Monarch Empire


Admiral Pierte

Unknown(Possibly Planet Governor)

  • (1) Cardan V Space Station
  • (10) Starfighter/Bomber Squadrons
  • 1 Capital Ship
  • (10) Star Destroyers
  • (1) Cardan IV
  • (10) Squadrons
  • (1) Capital Ship
  • (1) Commander
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After the defeat and death of the lost 15 platoons, the Revannist Order created a fleet to avenge the fallen. They assaulted a Space Colony that is allied and loyal to the Imperialism Monarch Empire. Showing their true colors and their true evil they destroyed the colony and all 1.1 Million Inhabitants. Not even caring the then assaulted any trade ships coming into the system. After that they then turned their guns on the Cardan IV Military station, and destroyed it and all of its occupants.


The Revannist Order was thought to be "peaceful" by some independant regions, but after a show of military might, they found it untrue, after the death of 1.1 million civilians. The Imperialism Monarch Empire then wanted to put the Revansi on war trial for war crimes, and after this battle the Revannist Order was thought to be more evil than the Imperialism Monarch Empire. In fact there was rumors of the Rebels, wanted to team up with the Imperialism Monarch Empire to take care of this threat, but Moff Exari said they can't just do that due to the Revannist Order was a sovereign nation. Even though they butchered 1.1 million people, this isn't the first time the Revannist Order resorted to such carnage. This only showed its true colors and that the Revannist Order was feared beyond reason by independant regions. The Revannist Order destroyed all of the Space Defenses that Imperialism Monarch Empire put in place. There was nothing to be said of the event, but the HoloNet claimed that Revannist Order razed Orthoa IV, when in fact they didn't causing such a rise that Imperial Army's recruiting offices was filled with new recruits all wanting to put the Revannist Order to death.