10000-B3Dc Planetoid Space Station














Distance from Core:


Rotation period:


Orbital period:



12,329 Km


Oxygen/nitrogen rich



Primary Terrain:

Urban, skyscrapers

Native species:



Immigrated species:

Other Species brought as slaves or prisoners

Official language:

Galactic Basic


Imperialism Monarch Empire

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The 10000-B3Dc Planetoid Space Station, or Tartoonia is a space station that duplicates a planetary features of a urban planet very much like a mix of Coruscant and Taris. But through the brilliant skyscrapers and the populated world of undercover Human and Chiss Imperialism Monarch Empire military dressed as civilian, are a danger that the galaxy have never faced before. Retracted below the roof of each and every building structure is a weapon emplacement. On the capital building in Trandaa Sector, the dome holds twelve banks of turbolasers since the building also covers the underground command center.

But the most terrifying weapon is held at the north west hemisphere of the planet in the middle of a Destrox District. There, lurking beneath, was the ultimate weapon: the predecessor of the Superlaser. It was the Vortex Beam Cannon. The citizens of Destrox was the firing crew of the VBC, as the firing stations are located directly under the city. To fire the weapon, the city literally splits into four circular shutters as the thirty kilometer crater appeared and the artificial atmosphere got sucked in into the center of the weapon. Soon the internal hypermatter fusion began to warm the VBC as the internal focusing ring began to spin, compacting all electron particles into one solid beam. Then as the yellow beam shoots from the center of the crater, four red contributory beams hits the bolt mid-path and turn the beam into a ionic plasma radiation ray. Upon contact, the beam acts like a pulsar, melting the atmosphere to superheated gas and irradiates the surface the planet, killing all life in existence while at the same time smelting the it. The extreme radiation also have advantage side effects: repulsorlifts are rendered useless so star ships can't take off, and the gamma rays jammed all comm transmission.

The space station travel by the means of orbital propulsion. This crescent shaped structure hovers above the planet by orbit with the top of the curve on the northern region and the bottom on the southern, this means the thruster unit can swerve horizontally with the top and bottom repulsors locked to the their assigned regions. The unit holds three massive sublights and four secondary.

The station is powered by hypermatter fusion reactor. Due to the new technology at the time, the planet gave off extremely high thermal signature, but in turn, created a powerful shield around the space station.

The deadly ship also uses the power from any nearby star for a power the foundries aboard to churn out starfighters and other machine of mass destruction for the IME. The energy is transferred very much like the is functioned Star Forge, only the version aboard is for long distance energy transfer, so the planetoid do not have to be directly above the star. Any objects that make contact with the "energy tether" will be annihilated, or at very least, render inhabitable if it is a planet.